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How do you prepare the meals?

All of our meals are fully cooked, and just need a reheat to enjoy. Thawing the meals out in the fridge the night before always for a quicker reheat. Heating the meals stove top is our number on suggestion in a cast iron pan. The individual meals do however, come in microwave safe containers. Place the meal in the microwave for about 2 minutes, check it and go from there. These containers are not oven safe, transfer to an oven safe dish for oven heating, low and slow.

Do you do any custom cooking?

We have a fresh meal prep line (email us at for more info) but our flash frozen meals are not custom cooked on account of the large volumes we do monthly. All of our ingredients, and nutritional information is available by clicking the images on the meal options page. Having this information allows you to pick and choose the meals right for you.

How do you work your meal macros?

Our focus s the ingredients over the nutritional panel. Real food in appropriate portions. Whats an appropriate portion? Eating when you’re hungry, and stopping when you are no longer hungry not full. Our meals are generally higher fat, and protein, and lower carbs as we do not use any grain products.

Do you have any Auto Immune Paleo Meals?

It changes seasonally, however, currently we do not.

Are your meals organic?

First lets talk produce, our first choice is always spray free, organic pesticides are equally as carcinogenic as conventional sprays. From spray free we will use organic produce for items falling on the dirty dozen list, and conventional for items on the clean 15 list. Why? because the reside is so low, and to manage costs of the meals. Point being we are aware of everything that is going into our meals, and your bellies.

For our meat grass fed, and pastured is king for us. What the animals eat, and how they are kept is our number one priority. Is our meat always local? No its not, being in Canada grass fed beef is very difficult to get all year round at a rate that makes our meals sellable at a price that won’t knock your socks off.

How many meals do you get at a time on the 4 week plan?

Generally one week of meals is picked up at a time, however, you can pick up 2 weeks at a time as well.

Are the meals to be supplemented with any other foods on the four week plan?

The meals are complete meals, the plans come with lunch dinner and a snack. We send you easy recipes for breakfast, as these meals do not reheat as well. If you find yourself hurry outside of these meals, we can suggest some snack options, however, we find most people satisfied.

4 Week Plan vs Subscriptions?

4 week plans are for people trying to make a lifestyle change or lose some weight.

Subscriptions are also great for lifestyle changes, and can be used for weight loss, weight gain, or simply for convenience depending what you partner your meals with. You can also have bi weekly pick ups on the subscriptions to manage freezer space. Once you place your order you’ll receive an email with all the information to customize your subscription.

What are the benefits of the subscription plan?

The subscription plan gives you discounted meal pricing, and are also great to allow you to have a set amount of meals each month prepared for you, and ready when you need them

 Are all 3 months paid at once for the subscriptions?

No payments are made monthly for three months

Where else can I find your products?

Check out the Where to Find Us Page

How do I go about retailing your meals?

Send us an email we have a rad wholesalers program

I’m not local but want you in my life!

Check out our online program